Vanzare spatii de birouri zona Mihalache - 24R1285

Property ID: 24R1285

Vanzare spatii de birouri zona Mihalache

Bucuresti, 1 Mai

Sale Price:
Type and building class: Office Building, B Class
Building Status: Constructie noua
Usable Area: 1000 sqm
Available rentable area: 1000 sqm
Rentable area per floor: 200 sqm
Built area: 1200 sqm
Available floors: Parter, Demisol, Etaj 1, Etaj 2, Etaj 3
Total floors: D+P+3
Parking: Posibilitate in curte

Other Details

Flooring:Parquet, Sandstone,
Internet Access:Cable,
Office Amenities:Internet, Telephone,
Utilities:Water, Sewerage, Gas,

Map positioning

Bucharest, 1 Mai


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